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 Virgo's Harvest

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PostSubject: Virgo's Harvest   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:05 pm

Molly Hall
Virgo's Harvest
Tuesday September 21, 2010

The lessons of Virgo go out with a bang today, with the Sun's last full day here in opposition to explosive Uranus-Jupiter (Pisces). It's a last hoorah after years of finding the anchor in Virgo's gifts of gleaning out essentials, fixing what's broken, and healing emotional or spiritual upsets.

It's a day to celebrate the vitality that comes when you're making the most of your day. You can discern where you're being too inflexible, and have crowded out the wonder. Or maybe you sense a need for more focused attention, to be more effective.

But the power of the Uranus-Jupiter duo in all-signs-in-one Pisces blows apart any sense of order. It drops us all into the messy, wonderful "everything" and we lose the sense of having a solid footing. A key is not trying to go back to the way we used to be, with everything in its rightful place. But to go with the flow, and see who we are, and what's around us in the moment.

On this last day, we can celebrate Virgo and the earnestly present qualities of Sun Virgo. It's the character we gain from being conscientious at whatever with do -- acting thoughtfully, and with conscience. We gain the strength to purify what's wounded in ourselves, so we don't go crazy on others. We simplify our lives, so we can get to what's essential.

Some Themes:

•Refining your daily schedule based on your own rhythm for doing imaginative work, or taking care of more mundane tasks.
•Radical new approaches to your well being, that factors in emotions and the spirit.
•Gaining technical skills in an artistic field.
•Outbursts that make you realize the current schedule is not working.
•Re-humanizing the work place through spontaneous acts of big heartedness.
•More shocks to do with our endangered waters (oceans, rivers, lakes) with efforts to identify cause and effect.
•Letting yourself fall apart because you know you need to for your health!

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Virgo's Harvest
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