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 Big Love for Life

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Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Big Love for Life   Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:14 am

Molly Hall
Big Love for Life
Wednesday November 17, 2010

It's the eve of both Jupiter and Venus going direct (the 18th) -- now that's something to look forward to! Jupiter is the lucky star that drops surprise gifts in the path. Jupiter reminds us that life is worth living, because there's an invisible angel or chorus dropping hints, and cheering us on. And that if we follow the 'signs' and inner promptings, we'll stay close to the path of highest potential.

Jupiter is the planet of travel, growth spurts, and the freedom to learn and know. Jupiter has been in Pisces, taking us on awesome journeys of the spirit. If there is great darkness, Jupiter has kept us aware of the miraculous. By experiencing what unifies us, we're able to tap into that soulforce that's always on the side of human freedom. The retrograde jogged our memories, of ancient ways of sensing how we're connected to each other and all of life. Now Jupiter stations direct at 23 degrees, so look to this point in your chart -- this is where you connect to this grand awakening.

Venus rules love, a sense of abundance, well-being and our values. Venus has been retrograde in Scorpio, dragging us back into personal swamps for another look. What was a total messed up situation before got new clarity, when Venus retro'd back into Libra on the 8th. Now at 27 degrees Libra, Venus stations direct, for an auspicious moment of rare sight into personal mysteries.

The two planets of following your bliss go direct on the same day. Both are magnets to what we love, what makes life not just bearable, but joyful, alive, always new. And in signs that have built-in awareness of the other (Libra) and how we're moving in the same energetic ocean (Pisces). Now that is special!

Some possibilities
•Meeting soul mates, kindred spirits, creating community based on love, equality and sharing.
•Innovations moving forward that demonstrate how we're connected.
•An explosion of art, music, performance, design, architecture that celebrates harmony, beauty, intuition, the mystery, the heart.
•More flow with money, especially for the imaginative/intuitive arts.
•More human-scale ventures that are based on respect and commonality.

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Big Love for Life
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