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 Dark Moon Week

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PostSubject: Dark Moon Week   Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:31 pm

Molly Hall
Dark Moon Week
Monday November 1, 2010

It's a week to create your own hallowed ground, or show reverence to the beloved dead. The veil is thin, and traditionally, it's a time to fathom the mysteries of the unseen. The week ends with Lunar Samhain, and the potent and sacred New Moon Scorpio (Nov 5th).

In Mexico, it's Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), with celebrations to remember loved ones who've past, and go to be in their presence. I'll never forget stumbling on the cemetery during Allerheiligen (All Saint's Day, Nov 1st) in the Rhineland, Germany, where it's a public holiday. All the graves had votive candles, a poignant symbol of the light that past through this life, and is still honored. A sight like that puts you into an altered and reverent state.

It's the Dark Moon, a time for endings and soul searching. The Moon's aspects to the Jupiter-Uranus pairing this week give us the knowing to see what's dead or dying. We can perceive what has a psychic hold on us, and what needs to undergo a radical change. It's a powerful lead in, to a New Moon that can be extremely transformative.

A lot of our suffering comes from not knowing how to transmute what happens to us. We're a society that is getting mentally ill and/or sick, buckling under the weight of so much unprocessed emotional baggage. This is a week to know and explore your human ability to trust the dark, and surrender to its transformative power. What we know as magic, is this ability to change consciousness at will and trust in life enough to go with its demands for change.

Make it Sacred

Light a candle for a deceased loved one, and spend time with them.
Disengage your energy from dying, corrupt systems.
Unplug from manipulative forces that would keep you in fear.
Seek the wisdom of your deeper self.
Resist the societal pressure to trivialize things that happen to you.
Let what needs to rise, come up for expression.
Explore the power of the imagination to heal, alter your world.

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Dark Moon Week
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