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 Water and Earth

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Solane Star
Co-Conscious with Oneness
Co-Conscious with Oneness

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PostSubject: Water and Earth    Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:54 pm

Molly Hall
Water and Earth
Tuesday October 12, 2010

Saw Mingo Falls today, where water slowly shapes the side of a mountain. The earth element and its signs -- Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo -- sense most strongly the solid world of matter and form. The water element and its signs -- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces -- relate more through the emotional and imagination. Earth Elements:
Water Elements:

Both are equally real as shapers of our life. For example, if we deny how we're really feeling -- in a job or in love -- we find out it only takes us so far, before we just can't take it anymore. The messages in dreams get more vivid, and everything in your being backs that up. It's a time for listening to what your distress is trying to tell you.

If society's structures push us to the breaking point, they will slowly (or quickly) be changed. Water (emotion) acts on earth (structures) in a slow way, like river rocks made smooth over many years, or they bust out like a flood. These two elements are complimentary, and we need both to create the right life structure for who we are.

Elements are Complimentary:
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Insightful Scribe
Insightful Scribe

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PostSubject: Re: Water and Earth    Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:37 am

Sounds alot like balance to me. Nothing exists on its own...I mean how would we know it existed without a point of reference to acknowledge it from? Whether two or more things compliment each other or conflict each other, there will be some change when they interact. Obviously some pairings are going to create a more beneficial change than others and that's where our perception and thought patterns enter the whole creation process.

I am a Taurean with a Pisces moon and the way you described real feelings busting through is exactly as it happens for me - it gets to a point where I just can't take it anymore and have to reveal my true heart in the matter. There's a feeling that comes from my solar plexus that just tells me to stop pissing around and get real. And that's what happens - the slow burning Taurean anger explodes like Mount Vesuvius and out comes the truth. And most of that anger is towards myself for holding onto my feelings for so long without sharing them kaos It has taken me a long time to learn to be honest with myself and others and not to take the hard road where my feelings and relationships are concerned. Water and Earth can create majestic mountains, but they can also result in thick sticky mud....the choice is ours whether we go for elevation or stagnation fairygirl

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Water and Earth
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