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 Wunderkinds of the Pluto Sagittarius Generation

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PostSubject: Wunderkinds of the Pluto Sagittarius Generation   Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:28 am

Molly Hall
Wunderkinds of the Pluto Sagittarius Generation
Tuesday September 28, 2010

Awhile back, astrologer Robert Phoenix posted a video of young British kids talking politics on YouTube. It's striking because they're talking about the political game as if curious observers from another planet. "Watch out world," he wrote on the Pluto Sagittarius generation. They see through things.

And today, I came across two stories of 11-year olds that amaze with their passionate visions. Amiya had a vision for a mobile dance studio -- in a pink school bus -- to offer dance lessons to little girls in the Detroit area. It's a story of a dream made real, and it's become profitable too.

Then there's young Birke Baehr, who recently spoke on TED, , with fervor about the food system, and his 'net research into what's wrong. He sees the bigger picture, of how unhealthy food it marketed to kids, animal cruelty, and the unnatural acts of big agra. With wisdom beyond his years, he says he's decided to be an organic farmer, instead of an NFL football player, to have a bigger impact on the world. On higher prices for organics, he says, "It seems to me that we can either pay the farmer or we can pay the hospital." That's exactly what I tell myself at the grocery store.

I was curious about this 11-year old group, born when Pluto was in Sagittarius. They'll likely explore the power of knowledge, as a way to transform society. Those born in 1999 have Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, for a detached and compassionate view, and their visions are geared toward reform.

It's also interesting to note they've got Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus, to ground these innovations in a practical way. It's futuristic thinking married with commonsense, and working with what's there in physical space. We hear a lot about how young people have been dumbed down, and demoralized. But here's a sign that we can expect more visionaries to emerge spontaneously, as they come of age.
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Wunderkinds of the Pluto Sagittarius Generation
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